Preview of the "Resolver" window in Accuracy.

This will only work for headshot weapons.

Lithium has logic based brute force resolver. It will auto cycle corrections upon missing a shot.

Max Shots - How much shots you have to miss before the resolver cycles to another correction.

Anti-Anti-Aim Options
AUTO - Will perform basic rotations with yaw jittering to abuse intersections.

CUSTOM - Allows you to create your own brute force patterns - Picture of the window.

MANUAL - Enables the playerlist corrections.

Aim Yaw Corrections
A mouse "resolver" place your crosshair left of a player and it'll force their yaw to look towards that direction. Go up and it'll make them face away from you. Look down and they'll look somewhat near you.

Aim Yaw Visualize - Show boxes of the points.

Yaw Overrides
Pretty much are able to apply a yaw correction with a key bind.

Pitch Resolver
The "Always Allow Pitch Corrections" option pretty much makes it so the resolver always cycles pitch corrections even if they aren't faking pitch.


Experimental - Testing stuff.

Ignore bodyshots - The resolver won't count bodyshots as misses.

Information - Places a window on the screen that will give you details on how the resolver is working on a player.

Send Resolver Data REQUIRED TO BE A IN PARTY Will send data over to your party chat for other Lithium users. Requires this option in the playerlist to be checked over the player of question.

Playerlist Note: If the resolver checkbox isn't toggled then the resolver is off for that player.

Resolver - Enables the resolver on that player.

Receive Resolver Data - Toggle this option over friends using Lithium to receive useful Resolver data. Only if they have send resolver data enabled.

Aim Yaw Correction - Enables mouse resolver for that player only.

Override - Overrides the "Anti-Anti-Aim" option for that player.

Pitch & Yaw Corrections - Manually set corrections on players.
Correction options only show if Anti-Anti-Aim is set to manual or the Override option is set to manual.
The states you see will tell you what resolver is enabled for that player. If inactive that means the Resolver will not apply any corrections related to that angle.